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Last weekend (October 6), I went to Washington DC to join hands with 12,000 concerned people to send President Obama a message that we care about the future of the earth and the future world our children are inheriting. People came together from all across the country and Canada and formed a circle around the White House four people deep. We were asking Obama to deny the permit for the Tar Sands XL Pipeline, over which only he has the final say on whether to approve it or not.

- The Next Great Paradigm Shift -
In a world with finite resources, unlimited growth is no longer an option. We are exceeding the limits of natural systems all over the globe: high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels, over-fishing of oceans, depletion of aquifers, erosion of soils, contamination of water supplies, loss of old growth forests and many other disruptions. Population growth and industrialization of the third world creates ever increasing demands for food supplies and energy. Around the globe, people are noticing the effects of climate changes on their lives.

We invite you to come join us for our first Design Charrette for the Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. A Design Charrette is a fun way for those interested to share their vision, values and ideas for what makes a truly sustainable, livable community. The goal is to bring people together from different disciplines and backgrounds to explore options and ideas to make a community better.

Is your dream is to live in a multi-generational, eco-friendly community with a center for healing arts and celebrations in a gorgeous setting? The seeds of this dream are already sprouting at Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community, and we are eager to hear your ideas on ways of growing it further. We want to invite you to our first exploratory meeting of like-minded folks who may be interested in living in Hickory Nut Forest and helping us in realizing this common vision.