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Last weekend (October 6), I went to Washington DC to join hands with 12,000 concerned people to send President Obama a message that we care about the future of the earth and the future world our children are inheriting. People came together from all across the country and Canada and formed a circle around the White House four people deep. We were asking Obama to deny the permit for the Tar Sands XL Pipeline, over which only he has the final say on whether to approve it or not.

We have just been approached with a great opportunity to purchase and install a Bergey 10kW wind turbine for half the normal price. For a long time, we have had the idea to create an educational program around renewable energy through Mountain Roots, a not-for-profit based at Laughing Waters Retreat Center at Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community.

We invite you to come join us for our first Design Charrette for the Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. A Design Charrette is a fun way for those interested to share their vision, values and ideas for what makes a truly sustainable, livable community. The goal is to bring people together from different disciplines and backgrounds to explore options and ideas to make a community better.