We are filled with wonder and awe of nature’s intricate beauty, and we believe we are stewards, here to protect it.

We don’t feel we own this land. Our service is to keep it as beautiful as we found it, while helping others to enjoy its magic and wonder. Living here is about discovering mysteries and miracles: the springtime sprouting shoots on the forest floor, the blooming of delicate wildflowers, the soaring trees spreading green leaves in a summer canopy, the magical transformation into vibrant fall colors, and the reappearance of the distant mountain vistas in winter.

Forever Wild Land

Forever wild, conservation easement protected land surrounds Hickory Nut Forest, and covenants on the lots ensure that homes will blend naturally into the forest. We have kept the most special places wild for all to enjoy: the cascading streams, tumbling waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and distant vistas. With miles of hiking trails, residents and visitors can enjoy the adjoining 800 acres on Little Bearwallow Mountain and in the Florence nature preserve. The adjacent hamlet of Bat Cave is home to the largest fissure bat domicile in the eastern US. Just down the gorge are another 3500 acres of waterfalls and cliffs at Chimney Rock State Park.

Little Bearwallow Mountain

Walking in the forest, listening to tumbling waterfalls, and gazing at mountain vistas gives one the feeling of standing on ancient, sacred lands. Little Bearwallow Mountain comprises over 200 acres of forestlands for enjoyment by the residents and visitors of Hickory Nut Forest and Laughing Waters.

Abundant Wildflowers

Little Bearwallow Mountain is recognized as one of the best wildflower areas in Henderson County. In the springtime the forest blooms with thousands of trillium, violets, jack-in-the-pulpit, showy orchis, bloodroot, Indian paintbrush, flame azaleas and many other species.

Significant Natural Area Designation

This part of Hickory Nut Gorge has been designated as a Significant Natural Area by biologists. It’s Rich Cove Community is home to a very healthy and diverse ecosystem of plants and animals thriving in the undisturbed mountain environment.

Hiking Trails

Miles of hiking trails surround Hickory Nut Forest. Out your front door you can walk through forests, along streams, past waterfalls and up to rocky cliffs with spectacular scenic vistas.

Florence Nature Preserve

Owned by the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy, the 600-acre Florence Nature Preserve in Gerton connects to the Little Bearwallow Mountain Preserve trail system. It contains three miles of hiking and biking trails through the beautiful forests of Upper Hickory Nut Gorge. From the top of Little Mount Pisgah, spectacular 360 degree scenic vistas of the entire gorge can be enjoyed. This is a hike well worth the effort to get to the top!