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          The day in early January at Laughing Waters was perfect for creating vision boards, those images of what we want to manifest during 2014.  The fog was so thick, looking out the window you could see only a short distance.  Everybody worked diligently throughout the...

We invite you to come join us for our first Design Charrette for the Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. A Design Charrette is a fun way for those interested to share their vision, values and ideas for what makes a truly sustainable, livable community. The goal is to bring people together from different disciplines and backgrounds to explore options and ideas to make a community better.

John and I spent the weekend at the Lake Eden Arts Festival, where we had a booth and taught a class on sustainable living. It's such an eclectic, joyous and family-friendly event and it was a pleasure to meet so many new people, many of whom told us that they had been hearing about the events at Laughing Waters and Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. It's exciting to know that the LEAF energy resonates with what we are co-creating here: fun, conscious and family-focused events and living.

Grandmother Red Leaf, a Cherokee Elder, and Uncle Bob Randall, an Aborigine Elder, combined forces last Saturday, October 23, and presented a day of wisdom at Laughing Waters. Though their cultures have existed for centuries on opposite sides of the planet, it was inspiring to see and hear how similar their worldviews are. As evidenced by their names, both cultures place great emphasis on family relationships. In fact, families are considered to consist of everyone in the tribe or clan. Uncle Bob said that he didn’ t know who his real mother was until he was grown because all of her sisters were mothers to him.