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Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 – Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community is sponsoring the 5th annual Apple Fest Fundraiser on Saturday, September 8, 2012, from 1:00 – 5:00 PM in its organic apple orchard on Rt. 74A in Gerton/Bat Cave, NC.  It is a family-friendly fun event in support of Hickory Nut Forest’s organic orchard and gardens. 

- The Next Great Paradigm Shift -
In a world with finite resources, unlimited growth is no longer an option. We are exceeding the limits of natural systems all over the globe: high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels, over-fishing of oceans, depletion of aquifers, erosion of soils, contamination of water supplies, loss of old growth forests and many other disruptions. Population growth and industrialization of the third world creates ever increasing demands for food supplies and energy. Around the globe, people are noticing the effects of climate changes on their lives.

Yesterday was the half way point. The time of year when the sun is at it's zenith, the days are long and the weather is hot. In many traditional cultures, the sun represents the active, dynamic, life-giving forces of the universe, and the summer solstice a time to celebrate, give thanks and mark the transition into the dark half of the year. It is also a time to honor the wild-things that cannot be tamed.

John and I spent the weekend at the Lake Eden Arts Festival, where we had a booth and taught a class on sustainable living. It's such an eclectic, joyous and family-friendly event and it was a pleasure to meet so many new people, many of whom told us that they had been hearing about the events at Laughing Waters and Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. It's exciting to know that the LEAF energy resonates with what we are co-creating here: fun, conscious and family-focused events and living.

Last Sunday we held our First Annual Halloween Monster Jam at Hickory Nut Forest. We could not have picked a more beautiful day – bright sunny skies, mild temperatures, colorful fall leaves and a slight breeze. M.o.n.s.t.e.r. stands for mountain music, organic foods, natural building/permaculture, sustainability, treasure hunt, eco-friendly and renewable energy – all components of our eco-community vision. With bluegrass music playing in the background, people dropped in all day long to press apple cider, eat pumpkin pies and dip caramel and peanut butter apple slices.