Honey Bear Orchard Apple Fest

Honey Bear Orchard Apple Fest

Apple picking, cider making, apple bobbing and eating homemade apple pies – an old time fest for families and kids of all ages. What a day!

People came to climb ladders, shake trees and catch the apples as they fell. They carried bags of apples to the cider presses and made fresh juice the old-fashioned way.

Honey Bear Orchard is in the heart of beautiful hickory Nut Gorge, with old-time varieties of organic golden and red delicious, romes, and winesaps. The trees were loaded with apples this year with so many more buds than usual, due to last year’s late frost.

Some folks hiked our hiking trails along the stream and through the forest past waterfalls, rocky cliffs and to special swimming hole. The whole mountainside of Little Bearwallow Mountain was just beginning to turn into its annual blazing rainbow of colors.

Honey Bear Orchard is part of the Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community where we are building eco-friendly green homes powered with renewable energy, and creating organic gardens, all of which are surrounded by over 200 acres of forestland.

Check out our website, www.HickoryNutForest.com to learn more.

We hope you can come to the Apple Fest next year and join the fun!

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